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Navigating Your Financial


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Welcome to the Chambers Financial Group

Affiliated with LPL Financial

I'm Curtis W. Chambers, 

a financial advisor, and planner.

I've been helping individuals, families, and businesses work toward real financial freedom for over two decades.

My passion is investment management, retirement income, and values-based life planning.

We address the monetary tides.

The world is a rapidly changing and turbulent place. As a financial advisor, I address the monetary tides for my clients. We work towards seeing these trends move in the right direction.

We begin with the discovery of values and goals. Next, we develop a comprehensive, written plan.

We use our Bridge Process™ to implement the portfolio and apply reviews and benchmarks to monitor progress.

We focus on portfolio allocation, tax, estate planning, and risk management.

I'm an independent advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. 

I'm a Registered Representative with LPL Financial.

I have a Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis and B.A. Cum Laude in English from the University of Arkansas.

I serve households in Pinellas County and across the United States.

We Help Balance Cash Flow for a Balanced Life

Financial Planning Icon    Financial Planning

  • Discover values and goals

  • Calculate cash flow, net worth, and income

  • Develop a written plan

Portfolio Management Icon   Portfolio Management

  • Construct asset allocation, including security selection

  • Systematically Rebalance 

Review and Monitor Icon    Review and Monitor

  • Ongoing strategic reviews

  • Benchmarking

  • Tactical adjustments


Our portfolios coordinate with retirement, estate planning, and income distribution objectives.

Consumer Confidence and the Stock Market

The Consumer Confidence Index hit an all-time low in late 2022. That's a concern because many economists consider this index to be a leading indicator for the economy. In this video, we look at a recent paper from JP Morgan Asset Management, which points out a fascinating relationship between this index and the stock market one year later.


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Your situation, values and needs.

Then we may develop a plan that works towards creating real wealth.